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* `make release`: also bump libinterimap version and pin it in 'use' declarations.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* Makefile: new 'release' target.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* test suite: always generate new certificates on `make test`.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* wibbleGuilhem Moulin2020-08-031
* Makefile: remove 'smart' extension from pandoc call to generate manuals.Guilhem Moulin2020-08-031
* Makefile: Major refactoring, add install and uninstall targets.Guilhem Moulin2020-07-021
* Makefile: factor out jq script for roff generation.Guilhem Moulin2019-11-131
* Refactor and improve test suite.Guilhem Moulin2019-11-131
* doc/*.html: Add 'keywords' and 'lang' tags.Guilhem Moulin2019-07-051
* doc/template.html: Add parent links at the top.Grégoire Détrez2019-07-051
* Refactor documentation.Guilhem Moulin2019-07-051
* `make test`: Only consider tests/*/run.Guilhem Moulin2019-06-031
* Add test-suite (requires dovecot-imapd).Guilhem Moulin2019-05-271
* Fix manpage generation with pandoc >=2.1Guilhem Moulin2018-04-261
* Fix manpage generation with pandoc >=1.18.Guilhem Moulin2017-07-291
* interimap: convert manpage to markdown.Guilhem Moulin2016-03-111
* Convert pullimap's manpage to pandoc.Guilhem Moulin2016-03-111