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* Prepare new release, restoring compatibility with Net::SSLeay 1.83.debian/0.5.6-1_bpo10+1debian/buster-backportsGuilhem Moulin2021-01-041
* Merge tag 'debian/0.5.6-1' into debian/buster-backportsGuilhem Moulin2021-01-041
| * Prepare new release.debian/0.5.6-1Guilhem Moulin2021-01-011
| * Bump required libnet-ssleay-perl version to 1.88.Guilhem Moulin2021-01-011
* | Merge tag 'debian/0.5.5-1' into debian/buster-backportsGuilhem Moulin2021-01-011
| * Prepare new release.debian/0.5.5-1Guilhem Moulin2020-12-271
| * d/.gitattributes: New file to merge d/changelog with dpkg-mergechangelogs(1).Guilhem Moulin2020-12-271
| * d/control: bump dovecot-imapd version to >=2.3 in Build-Depends.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-271
| * d/control: pin exact libinterimap version in interimap & pullimap's depends.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-271
| * Bump version number.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-271
* | Rebuild for buster-backports.debian/0.5.4-1_bpo10+1Guilhem Moulin2020-12-161
* Prepare new release.debian/0.5.4-1Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* d/salsa-ci.yml: run .test-reprotest with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* d/rules: Run test suite with TMPDIR=/var/tmp.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* Add debian/salsa-ci.yml file.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* d/control: Point Vcs-* to salsa.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* Bump minimum libnet-ssleay-perl version from 1.73 to 1.83.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* Refresh patches and bump version number.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* d/gbp.conf: Update debian and upstream branches in compliance with DEP-14.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* d/gbp.conf: Update upstream tag template.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* Add d/watch pointing to the upstream repository.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* Add d/upstream/signing-key.asc, the OpenPGP used to signed upstream tags.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-111
* Prepare new release.debian/0.5.3-1Guilhem Moulin2020-12-091
* d/control: Bump Standards-Version to 4.5.1.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-091
* d/control: Add missing epoch number on dovecot-* dependencies.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-091
* Add d/upstream/signing-key.asc, the OpenPGP used to signed upstream tags.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-091
* d/control: The test suite now requires Dovecot v2.2.31 or laterGuilhem Moulin2020-12-091
* New upstream release.Guilhem Moulin2020-12-091
* Prepare new release.debian/0.5.2-1Guilhem Moulin2020-08-031
* d/rules: Pass '--no-enable' to dh_installsystemduser(1).debian/0.5.1-2Guilhem Moulin2020-07-051
* Prepare new release.debian/0.5.1-1Guilhem Moulin2020-07-021
* Adapt d/*.docs, d/*.install and d/*.manpages to the current upstream Makefile.Guilhem Moulin2020-07-021
* d/patches/Ignore-custom-lib-PATH.patch: Remove patch, applied upstream.Guilhem Moulin2020-07-021
* 0.5-1 closed #946727.Guilhem Moulin2020-07-021
* Bump version number.Guilhem Moulin2020-07-021
* d/control: Bump debhelper compatibility level to 13.Guilhem Moulin2020-07-011
* d/control: Annotate some Build-Depends with <!nocheck>.Guilhem Moulin2020-07-011
* Avoid running randomized tests on the build daemons.debian/0.5-1Guilhem Moulin2020-01-291
* Prepare new release.Guilhem Moulin2020-01-291
* d/patches: Remove patches applied upstream.Guilhem Moulin2020-01-291
* d/control: Bump Standards-Version to 4.5.0 (no changes necessary)Guilhem Moulin2020-01-291
* Apply patches from master.debian/0.5_rc-2Guilhem Moulin2019-12-151
* Prepare new release candidate (experimental).debian/0.5_rc-1Guilhem Moulin2019-12-141
* Set 'Rules-Requires-Root: no'.Guilhem Moulin2019-12-141
* Rename debian/source.lintian-overrides to debian/source/lintian-overrides.Guilhem Moulin2019-12-141
* d/control: Bump Standards-Version to 4.4.1 (no changes necessary).Guilhem Moulin2019-12-141
* d/control, d/compat: Set debhelper-compat version in Build-Depends.Guilhem Moulin2019-12-141
* New releases closes #944812 and #944859 too.Guilhem Moulin2019-11-191
* d/control: interimap: no longer depends on 'libdbi-perl'.Guilhem Moulin2019-11-131
* d/control: Build-Depends: openssl, dovecot-lmtpd.Guilhem Moulin2019-11-131