path: root/config/lacme.conf
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* Use /run for the listening socket of the webserver component.HEADmasterGuilhem Moulin2019-08-221
* Use ACME v2 endpointsGuilhem Moulin2018-04-271
* Bind webserver to /var/run/lacme-www.socket by default.Guilhem Moulin2017-07-081
* webserver: allow listening to multiple addresses.Guilhem Moulin2017-06-281
* s/lacme-certs.d/lacme-certs.conf.d/upstream/0.2Guilhem Moulin2016-12-051
* "config-certs" now points to a list of files or directories.Guilhem Moulin2016-12-051
* Improve formatting of config files.Guilhem Moulin2016-12-011
* lacme.conf: mention the default groupname for the ACME client.Guilhem Moulin2016-12-011
* wibbleGuilhem Moulin2016-12-011
* Make lacme able to spawn lacme-accountd.Guilhem Moulin2016-12-011
* typoGuilhem Moulin2016-11-301
* typoGuilhem Moulin2016-06-141
* Rename ‘letsencrypt-tiny’ to ‘lacme’.Guilhem Moulin2016-06-131