To install the CLI and Iceweasel/Firefox addon, run (requires 'gzip' and

    make -C cli
    sudo make -C cli install

    make -C xul-ext ../icevault@guilhem.org.xpi
    cp icevault@guilhem.org.xpi ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/extensions

However users familiar with Debian packaging will probably prefer to
build their own package:

    git checkout debian
    AUTO_DEBSIGN=no git buildpackage --git-force-create
    VERSION=$(sed -nr '/^icevault \(([^)]+)\).*/ {s//\1/p;q}' debian/changelog)
    sudo dpkg -i ../icevault_${VERSION}_all.deb ../xul-ext-icevault_${VERSION}_all.deb

(Add the option '--git-upstream-tree=BRANCH' to the 'git buildpackage'
command to package the development version rather than the last tagged