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interimap.1.md: Document that DELETE and RENAME commands should be avoided.
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@@ -437,7 +437,7 @@ Known bugs and limitations
empty *database* will duplicate each message due to the absence of
local ↔ remote UID association. Hence one needs to manually empty
the mail store on one end when migrating to `interimap` from another
- synchronisation solution.
+ synchronization solution.
* `interimap` is single threaded and doesn't use IMAP command
pipelining. Synchronization could be boosted up by sending
@@ -452,6 +452,13 @@ Known bugs and limitations
was deleted while another one (which is replicated again) was added
to the other mailbox in the meantime.
+ * Because the [IMAP protocol][RFC 3501] doesn't provide a way for
+ clients to determine whether a disapeared mailbox was deleted or
+ renamed, `interimap` aborts when a known mailbox disapeared from one
+ server but not the other. The `--delete` (resp. `rename`) command
+ should be used instead to delete (resp. rename) the mailbox on both
+ servers as well as within `interimap`'s internal database.
* `PLAIN` and `LOGIN` are the only authentication mechanisms currently