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Mention that interimap ≤0.5.6 did honor umask for DB creation.
The commit message for 2447861913835637bbf49d96728ce9ac6ab0ae22 was misleading. DB creation does obey umask settings as of perl 5.34.0-3, libdbi-perl 1.643-3+b2, libdbd-sqlite3-perl 1.70-3+b1 and libsqlite3-0 3.37.2-2 from Debian Sid. Prefixing `make installcheck-interimap` with `umask 0077` makes the test suite pass for interimap 0.5.6-1.
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interimap (0.5.7) upstream;
* interimap: create database with mode 0600 (but don't change mode of
- existing databases). The file was previously created with mode 0644,
- but its directory had restricted mode 0700. pullimap, on the other
- hand, already created state files with mode 0600.
+ existing databases). The file was previously created with mode 0644
+ minus umask restrictions, which for permissive umask(2)s is too open.
+ That being said its parent directory is created with restricted mode
+ 0700 so the impact is limited. pullimap, on the other hand, already
+ used mode 0600 for state file creation.
* Major Makefile refactoring: improve DESTDIR= handling, add new
targets 'all-nodoc', 'install-nodoc', and 'installcheck'. Also,
rename 'test' target to 'check'.