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interimap: clarify that 'ignore-mailbox' is matched against internal names.
That is, without leading reference, and where the hierarchy delimiter is replaced with null characters. /!\ This changes breaks backward compatibility!
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interimap (0.5) upstream;
+ Breaking changes:
+ * interimap: when matching mailbox names against the 'ignore-mailbox'
+ pattern, the hierarchy delimiter is substituted with a null character
+ before hand. For instance one should now use '^virtual(?:\x00|$)' to
+ exclude the mailbox named 'virtual' as well as its descendants
+ (regardless of the hierarchy delimiter in use).
+ Other changes:
* interimap: the space-speparated list of names and/or patterns in
'list-mailbox' can now contain C-style escape sequences (backslash
and hexadecimal escape).
diff --git a/doc/interimap.1.md b/doc/interimap.1.md
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--- a/doc/interimap.1.md
+++ b/doc/interimap.1.md
@@ -266,7 +266,10 @@ Valid options are:
: An optional Perl Compatible Regular Expressions ([PCRE]) covering
mailboxes to exclude: any ([UTF-7 encoded][RFC 2152] and unquoted)
mailbox listed in the initial `LIST` responses is ignored if it
- matches the given expression.
+ matches the given expression after trimming the reference names and
+ substituting the hiearchy delimiter with the null character. For
+ instance, specifying `^virtual(?:\x00|$)` excludes the mailbox named
+ “virtual” as well as its descendants.
Note that the *MAILBOX*es given as command-line arguments bypass the
check and are always considered for synchronization. This option is
only available in the default section.
diff --git a/interimap.sample b/interimap.sample
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--- a/interimap.sample
+++ b/interimap.sample
@@ -1,7 +1,12 @@
#database = imap.example.org.db
-#list-mailbox = "*"
+# only consider subscribed mailboxes
list-select-opts = SUBSCRIBED
-ignore-mailbox = ^virtual/
+#list-mailbox = "*"
+# ignore the mailbox named 'virtual' and its descendants
+ignore-mailbox = ^virtual(?:\x00|$)
type = tunnel