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% InterIMAP & PullIMAP
% [Guilhem Moulin](mailto:guilhem@fripost.org)
+InterIMAP synchronizes emails and their metadata between a remote IMAP
+server and local storage. By leveraging the [*Quick Mailbox
+Resynchronization*][RFC 7162] IMAP extension, it can offer [*much better
+performance*](benchmark.html) than tools such as [OfflineIMAP].
+PullIMAP retrieves messages from an IMAP mailbox and deliver them
+locally. It can use the the [*IDLE*][RFC 2177] IMAP extension to reduce
+both latency and network traffic.
+[RFC 2177]: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2177
+[RFC 7162]: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7162
+[OfflineIMAP]: https://www.offlineimap.org/
General documentation
* [Getting started with InterIMAP](getting-started.html)
* [Multi-remote setup for InterIMAP](multi-account.html)
* [InterIMAP benchmark metrics and comparison](benchmark.html)
+ * [Presentation at DebConf19](https://debconf19.debconf.org/talks/78-interimap-the-case-for-local-imap-servers-and-fast-bidirectional-synchronization/)
Manuals (HTML versions)
* [`interimap`(1)](interimap.1.html) — Fast bidirectional
- synchronization for QRESYNC-capable IMAP servers
+ synchronization for IMAP servers
* [`pullimap`(1)](pullimap.1.html) — Pull mails from an IMAP mailbox
and deliver them to an SMTP session