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+interimap (0.5.7) upstream;
+ * interimap: create database with mode 0600 (but don't change mode of
+ existing databases). The file was previously created with mode 0644,
+ but its directory had restricted mode 0700. pullimap, on the other
+ hand, already created state files with mode 0600.
+ * Major Makefile refactoring: improve DESTDIR= handling, add new
+ targets 'all-nodoc', 'install-nodoc', and 'installcheck'. Also,
+ rename 'test' target to 'check'.
+ * `make install` now installs Net/IMAP/InterIMAP.pm to
+ /usr/local/lib/site_perl by default rather than /usr/local/share/perl5
+ (which is not in @INC as of perl 5.34.0-3 from Debian sid). The
+ installation directory is configurable with sitelib=.
+ * Refactor test harness so one can check the source with `tests/run
+ foo`; what's been built with `INTERIMAP_I=./lib INTERIMAP_PATH=./build
+ ./tests/run foo`, and what's installed with `INTERIMAP_I=""
+ INTERIMAP_PATH=/usr/bin tests/run foo`.
+ + Improve message for missing untagged UIDNEXT responses, which we
+ require but are omitted from some servers.
+ + tests/tls-protocols: downgrade OpenSSL security level to 0, which is
+ required to test TLS version <1.2 on systems with higher security
+ levels, see SSL_CTX_set_security_level(3ssl). Adapted from a patch
+ from <xnox> for Unbuntu.
+ + tests/tls-*: bump Dovecot's ssl_min_protocol to TLSv1.2, which is the
+ default as of dovecot 1:2.3.18+dfsg1-1 from Debian sid.
+ + `make clean` now cleans test certificates and key material.
+ + Add 'use lib "./lib";' to interimap and pullimap, so the programs can
+ be run directly from the source directory. The directory is
+ substituted with $(sitelib) at compile time (and the line is commented
+ out if $(sitelib) is found in @INC).
+ + doc/build.md: update documentation, and add a new section for how to
+ install without root privileges.
+ + Add Documentation=https://guilhem.org/interimap/... URIs to .service
+ files.
+ - Don't hardcode path to interimap/pullimap in .service files, and
+ instead use $(bindir) (expanded at compile time).
+ -- Guilhem Moulin <guilhem@fripost.org> Thu, 24 Feb 2022 01:28:25 +0100
interimap (0.5.6) upstream;
- Bump required Net::SSLeay version to 1.86_06 as it's when get_version()