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accountd: Pass JWA and JWK thumbprint via extended greeting data.
Passing the JWA to the ACME client is required if we want to support account keys other than RSA. As of 0.7 both lacme-accountd(1) and lacme(8) hardcode “RS256” (SHA256withRSA per RFC 7518 sec. A.1). Passing the JWK thumbprint is handy as it gives more flexibility if RFC 8555 sec. 8.1 were to be updated with another digest algorithm (it's currently hardcoded to SHA-256). A single lacme-account(1) instance might be used to sign requests from many clients, and it's easier to upgrade a single ‘lacme-accountd’ than many ‘lacme’. Moreover, in some restricted environments lacme-accountd might hide the JWK from the client to prevent ‘newAccount’ requests (such as contact updates); passing its thumbprint is enough for ‘newOrder’ requests.
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@@ -69,6 +69,8 @@ lacme (0.7.1) upstream;
connection through ssh. The new flag is documented to allow safe
usage is authorized_keys(5) restrictions.
+ Remove dependency on List::Util (core module).
+ + accountd: Pass JWA and JWK thumbprint via extended greeting data.
+ This gives better forward flexibility.
- lacme: delay webserver socket shutdown to after the process has
- documentation: suggest to generate private key material with