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lacme: Add 'owner' resp. 'mode' as (prefered) alias for 'chown' resp. 'chmod'.
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@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@ lacme (0.8.1) upstream;
umask restrictions. Also, always spawn the client with umask 0022 so
a starting lacme(8) with a restrictive umask doesn't impede serving
challenge files.
+ + lacme: add 'owner' resp. 'mode' as (prefered) alias for 'chown' resp.
+ 'chmod'.
- lacme: in the [accountd] config, let lacme-accountd(1) do the
%-expansion for 'config', not lacme(8) when building the command.
- lacme-accountd: don't log debug messages unless --debug is set.