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addresses are of the form `IPV4:PORT`, `[IPV6]:PORT` (where the
`:PORT` suffix is optional and defaults to the HTTP port 80), or an
absolute path of a UNIX-domain socket (created with mode `0666`).
- Default: `/var/run/lacme.socket`.
+ Default: `/var/run/lacme-www.socket`.
**Note**: The default value is only suitable when an external HTTP
daemon is publicly reachable and passes all ACME challenge requests
to the webserver component through the UNIX-domain socket
- `/var/run/lacme.socket` (for instance using the provided
+ `/var/run/lacme-www.socket` (for instance using the provided
`/etc/lacme/apache2.conf` or `/etc/lacme/nginx.conf` configuration
snippets for each virtual host requiring authorization). If there
is no HTTP daemon bound to port 80 one needs to set *listen* to