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* d/lacme.postrm: Don't delete system users on purge.debian/latestGuilhem Moulin11 days2
* Prepare new release.debian/0.8.0-1Guilhem Moulin12 days3
* d/lacme.install: include new configuration files and snippets.Guilhem Moulin12 days2
* d/lacme.links: Remove /etc/apache2/conf-available/lacme.conf.Guilhem Moulin12 days2
* Add NEWS files with breaking changes.Guilhem Moulin12 days2
* d/control: Remove versioned Recommends: on lacme-accountd.Guilhem Moulin12 days2
* d/copyright: Point Source: to the upstream repository.Guilhem Moulin12 days2
* d/copyright: Bump copyright years.Guilhem Moulin12 days1
* Bump copyright years.Guilhem Moulin12 days1
* d/control: lacme now require openssl 1.1.0 or later.Guilhem Moulin12 days2
* d/control: Remove libtypes-serialiser-perl from lacme's Depends.Guilhem Moulin12 days2
* Bump upstream version number.Guilhem Moulin12 days1
* Use dedicated system users for internal components.Guilhem Moulin12 days5
* Refresh patches.Guilhem Moulin12 days2
* Merge tag 'v0.8.0' into debian/latestGuilhem Moulin12 days48
| * Prepare new release v0.8.0.v0.8.0Guilhem Moulin12 days4
| * tests: Check presence of extra greeting data.Guilhem Moulin12 days1
| * Fix `./test --deb`.Guilhem Moulin12 days3
| * Print error messages only once.Guilhem Moulin12 days1
| * space damageGuilhem Moulin12 days1
| * client: Print Terms of Service URL for 'account' command.Guilhem Moulin12 days2
| * logfile: treat empty values as unset.Guilhem Moulin12 days1
| * Add 'logfile' to lacme-account.conf.Guilhem Moulin12 days1
| * lacme-accountd(1): new setting 'keyid'.Guilhem Moulin12 days6
| * accountd: Improve log message for incoming requests.Guilhem Moulin12 days3
| * accountd: Pass JWA and JWK thumbprint via extended greeting data.Guilhem Moulin12 days3
| * Add IPC tests with an old lacme(8) resp. lacme-accountd(1).Guilhem Moulin12 days2
| * wordingGuilhem Moulin12 days5
| * wordingGuilhem Moulin12 days2
| * accountd: Fix prototype.Guilhem Moulin12 days1
| * test suite: Don't try to show stderr if it's empty.Guilhem Moulin12 days1
| * test suite: Indicate which tests have passed.Guilhem Moulin12 days1
| * Make the ACME API server URL configurable at build time.Guilhem Moulin13 days5
| * lacme-accountd: new setting 'logfile' to log signature requests.Guilhem Moulin13 days8
| * lacme-accountd(1): base64url-decode incoming signature requests.Guilhem Moulin13 days2
| * Documentation: Wrap commands in `…`.Guilhem Moulin13 days1
| * Document `lacme-accountd --stdio`.Guilhem Moulin13 days4
| * Add %-specifiers support.Guilhem Moulin13 days11
| * Wording: s/option/setting/.Guilhem Moulin13 days4
| * wibbleGuilhem Moulin13 days1
| * typofixGuilhem Moulin13 days1
| * Remove dependency on List::Util (core module).Guilhem Moulin13 days3
| * Use real UID not effective UID in environment sanitation.Guilhem Moulin13 days1
| * Symlink $(sysconfdir)/apache2/conf-available/lacme.conf → ../../lacme/apach...Guilhem Moulin13 days2
| * Makefile wibbleGuilhem Moulin13 days1
| * Document spawning a remote lacme-accountd(1) instance.Guilhem Moulin13 days3
| * lacme-accountd: Don't error out when the default configuration file is missing.Guilhem Moulin13 days2
| * Add tests for OpenSSL- and GnuPG-encrypted account keys.Guilhem Moulin13 days3
| * lacme: Preserve $GPG_TTY when spawning the accountd.Guilhem Moulin13 days1
| * Deprecate setting 'privkey' in [accountd] section of the lacme(8) configurati...Guilhem Moulin13 days5