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* test suite: Avoid setting twice the ACME API server URL.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-221
* test: Allow prefixing test names with 'tests/'.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-221
* Fix `./test --deb`.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-221
* space damageGuilhem Moulin2021-02-221
* test suite: Don't try to show stderr if it's empty.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-211
* test suite: Indicate which tests have passed.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-211
* Make the ACME API server URL configurable at build time.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-211
* Add tests for OpenSSL- and GnuPG-encrypted account keys.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-201
* Add test suite against Let's Encrypt's staging environment.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-201