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* tests/account-encrypted-*: Set TERM="linux".Guilhem Moulin2023-04-262
* tests: Point stretch's archive URL to archive.d.o.Guilhem Moulin2023-04-251
* Adjust test suite against current Let's Encrypt staging environment.Guilhem Moulin2023-01-256
* lacme: pass a temporary JSON file with the client configuration to the intern...Guilhem Moulin2021-02-251
* lacme: Add 'owner' resp. 'mode' as (prefered) alias for 'chown' resp. 'chmod'.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-241
* lacme: Default mode for certificate(-chain) creation is 0644 minus umask rest...Guilhem Moulin2021-02-241
* lacme: Don't write certificate(-chain) file on chown/chmod failure.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-241
* tests/cert-install: Include tests for failing chown(2).Guilhem Moulin2021-02-241
* tab damageGuilhem Moulin2021-02-241
* typofixGuilhem Moulin2021-02-241
* tests/drop-privileges: Ensure failure to drop privileges yields an error.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-241
* Consolidate error messages.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-231
* lacme-accountd: Refuse to sign JWS with an invalid Protected Header.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-221
* lacme-account: Improve log messages.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-223
* tests: Check presence of extra greeting data.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-221
* Fix `./test --deb`.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-222
* lacme-accountd(1): new setting 'keyid'.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-221
* accountd: Improve log message for incoming requests.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-212
* Add IPC tests with an old lacme(8) resp. lacme-accountd(1).Guilhem Moulin2021-02-212
* wordingGuilhem Moulin2021-02-212
* lacme-accountd: new setting 'logfile' to log signature requests.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-213
* Document `lacme-accountd --stdio`.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-201
* Add %-specifiers support.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-202
* Symlink $(sysconfdir)/apache2/conf-available/lacme.conf → ../../lacme/apach...Guilhem Moulin2021-02-201
* Document spawning a remote lacme-accountd(1) instance.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-201
* Add tests for OpenSSL- and GnuPG-encrypted account keys.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-202
* Add test suite against Let's Encrypt's staging environment.Guilhem Moulin2021-02-2013