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* Ability to use number-only watermarks.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-171
* Abitility to use a different mapset.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-171
* Adding gdal*-like verbose messages.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-161
* Create the transparency mask only when it is really needed.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-161
* typoGuilhem Moulin2013-08-161
* bugfixGuilhem Moulin2013-08-151
* Put the caption on a separate layer.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-151
* "Shared" alpha channel accross intersecting borders.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-151
* wibbleGuilhem Moulin2013-08-151
* Added some TODOs.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-131
* Suggest to keep the compression algorithm.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-131
* Note on VRT creation prior to the call to Moulin2013-08-131
* Warn when a suboptimal format is used.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-131
* Use LZW compression, and increase the cache size to 512MB.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-131
* wibbleGuilhem Moulin2013-08-131
* typosGuilhem Moulin2013-08-131
* Bugfix: Geo::GDAL::TermProgress_nocb uses STDOUT but we want STDERR.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-121
* Documentation.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-121
* Replace our custom reprojection business with gdalwarp(1).Guilhem Moulin2013-08-121
* Use the builtin Geo::GDAL::ApplyGeoTransform.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-111
* Annotate tiles.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-111
* Better estimate of the output size.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-111
* Compute the zoom factor from the expected output size.Guilhem Moulin2013-08-111
* Initial commitGuilhem Moulin2013-08-101