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masterGive an example of an LVM partitioning recipe.Guilhem Moulin8 years
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2016-11-02Give an example of an LVM partitioning recipe.HEADmasterGuilhem Moulin1
2016-11-02virsh-ga: pretty-print 'guest-info' response.Guilhem Moulin1
2016-11-02QEMU Guest Agent bug mititigation for libvirt 1.2.9.Guilhem Moulin2
2016-11-02Fix race condiction on the NIC detection module of the Jessie installer.Guilhem Moulin1
2016-11-02typoGuilhem Moulin1
2016-11-02xmlstarlet: Omit XML declaration.Guilhem Moulin1
2016-11-02typoGuilhem Moulin2
2016-10-24Show how to use --ssh to connect to a remote libvirtd.Guilhem Moulin1
2016-10-24typoGuilhem Moulin1
2016-10-23Use the QEMU Guest Agent to retrive public key material.Guilhem Moulin4