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@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ - add/update movies to your collection
B<> [B<-s>] [B<-u>] [B<--ignore-db>] [B<--dont-move>] [B<--force>] [B<-i> I<crit>]
-[B<-o> I<key=value>...] [B<--only=>I<field,field,>...] [B<--exclude=>I<field,field,>...]
+[B<-o> I<key=value>...] [B<--only=>I<field,field>...] [B<--exclude=>I<field,field>...]
[B<-q>] [B<-t>] (I<filename>|I<title>|I<id>|I<IMDbID>)
@@ -154,8 +154,10 @@ added to the database (unless overriden by B<-o> I<key=value>).
Override data from IMDb with the I<value> provided.
Valid I<key>s are I<title>, I<language >, I<imdbid>, I<year>, I<imgurl>,
I<director>, I<genres>, I<country>, I<plot>, I<rating>, I<istv>.
+Multiple keys can be overriden by setting this option multiple times:
+B<-o> I<key1=value1> B<-o> I<key2=value2> ...
-=item B<--only=>I<field,field,>...
+=item B<--only=>I<field,field>...
Update only the given fields of the database. Known fields are
I<title>, I<subtitle>, I<language>, I<imdbid>, I<year>, I<imgurl>,
@@ -183,19 +185,19 @@ I<video_width>, I<video_height>, I<runtime>, I<language>.
-=item B<--exclude=>I<field,field,>...
+=item B<--exclude=>I<field,field>...
Do not update the given fields of the database. See B<--only> above for
+details on the known fields.
=item B<-q>, B<--quiet>
-Do not print the list of updated fields with old and new values.
+Do not print the list of updated fields with old and new values;
Do not print the final URL for the freshly added/updated movie.
=item B<-t>, B<--test>
-Simulate only the insertion / update. The database and file hierarchy
+Simulate only the insertion / update; The database and file hierarchy
are kept unchanged.