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* unicode, reGuilhem Moulin2012-03-071
* cleaner way to set restore the UTF-8 flag for the output of SELECT queriesGuilhem Moulin2012-03-021
* warning pragmaGuilhem Moulin2012-03-011
* unicode...Guilhem Moulin2012-03-011
* unicode, contGuilhem Moulin2012-02-281
* the port is useless when connecting through a UNIX socketGuilhem Moulin2012-02-191
* connection bugGuilhem Moulin2012-02-181
* unicode, againGuilhem Moulin2012-02-181
* clean videogenre & userseenGuilhem Moulin2012-02-181
* unicodeGuilhem Moulin2012-02-181
* prefixGuilhem Moulin2012-02-171
* support of extra connections options (eg, ssl)Guilhem Moulin2012-02-171
* removing empty dirs (fix)Guilhem Moulin2012-02-171
* typovideormGuilhem Moulin2012-01-101
* dateGuilhem Moulin2012-01-091
* videormGuilhem Moulin2012-01-091