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* tools/apply-colormap:palette(): Try to use a single write(2).Guilhem Moulin2020-03-061
| | | | It appears the serial interface doesn't handle well multiple writes.
* tools/apply-colormap:serial_send(): Locally scope variable.Guilhem Moulin2020-03-061
* tools/apply-colormap:serial_send(): Properly close temporary FD.Guilhem Moulin2020-03-061
* tools/apply-colormap:serial_send(): Backup and restore IFS.Guilhem Moulin2020-03-061
* Add script to apply color maps.Guilhem Moulin2019-06-261
Once again, credits to algernon for the maps: https://git.madhouse-project.org/algernon/Model01-Sketch/src/branch/master/tools/colormap