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* --topo-basedir: Default to the value from the configuration file.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-281
* ‘not x in xs’ → ‘x not in xs’Guilhem Moulin2023-09-281
* Add option --style for the observation layer style file.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-281
* Improve error message.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Geografics filter: filter out massively inaccurate items.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Fix parser.error() calls.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Add new option --observation-format to configure observation file format.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Convert GeoJSON to GPKG and reproject to EPSG:3006.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Fix scale-based visibility logic.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Search filter: search only for mushrooms and plants of interest naturewise.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-272
* Print number of observations found to stderr.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Without --geometry, set extent on the first --point ± --margin.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Search filter: skip ‘not rediscovered observations’.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Search filter: fetch only present occurences.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Add style.qmlGuilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Search filter: Use traditional GIS order for WGS coordinates.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Search filter: Don't consider accuracy in geografic filter.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Get Observations from ArtDataBanken.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Get taxon redlist categories.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Get taxon lists.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* PoCGuilhem Moulin2023-09-271
* Initial commit.Guilhem Moulin2023-09-271