BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debianAdd Homepage field, pointing to https://guilhem.org/interimap .Guilhem Moulin12 days
masterlibinterimap: use directories relative to $HOME for the XDG defaults.Guilhem Moulin9 days
wip-getting-startedImprove presentation of interimap config.Guilhem Moulin8 days
debian/0.4-1commit 6b9e183ea2...Guilhem Moulin6 months
upstream/0.4commit 41a6694c6d...Guilhem Moulin6 months
upstream/0.3commit d5b28183b9...Guilhem Moulin3 years
debian/0.2-1commit 4a49a170c5...Guilhem Moulin4 years
upstream/0.2commit 118fab1a68...Guilhem Moulin4 years
upstream/0.1commit 8c9328834e...Guilhem Moulin4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
9 dayslibinterimap: use directories relative to $HOME for the XDG defaults.HEADmasterGuilhem Moulin2
10 daysinterimap.1: Clarify handling of delimiter in mailbox names.Guilhem Moulin2
10 daysinterimap: clarify that 'ignore-mailbox' is matched against internal names.Guilhem Moulin3
11 daysdoc/*: Fix minor space damage.Guilhem Moulin3
12 daysdoc/template.html: Justify paragraphs on larger screens.Guilhem Moulin1
12 daysdoc/*.md: Improve wording.Guilhem Moulin3
12 daysdoc/*.html: Add 'keywords' and 'lang' tags.Guilhem Moulin1
12 daysdoc/template.html: Fix minor space damage.Guilhem Moulin1
12 daysdoc/template.html: Add parent links at the top.Grégoire Détrez2
12 daysUse mailto: links for names of copyright holders.Guilhem Moulin3