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interimap.1: Clarify handling of delimiter in mailbox names.
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diff --git a/doc/interimap.1.md b/doc/interimap.1.md
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--- a/doc/interimap.1.md
+++ b/doc/interimap.1.md
@@ -85,7 +85,10 @@ However if some extra argument are provided on the command line,
`interimap` ignores these options and synchronizes the given
*MAILBOX*es instead. Note that each *MAILBOX* is taken “as is”; in
particular, it must be [UTF-7 encoded][RFC 2152], unquoted, and the list
-wildcards ‘\*’ and ‘%’ are passed verbatim to the IMAP server.
+wildcards ‘\*’ and ‘%’ are passed verbatim to the IMAP server. If the
+local and remote hierarchy delimiter differ, then within the *MAILBOX*
+names the *local* delimiter should be used (it is transparently
+substituted for remote commands and responses).
If the synchronization was interrupted during a previous run while some
messages were being replicated (but before the `UIDNEXT` or
@@ -245,7 +248,13 @@ Valid options are:
Two wildcards are available, and passed verbatim to the IMAP server:
a ‘\*’ character matches zero or more characters, while a ‘%’
character matches zero or more characters up to the hierarchy
- delimiter.
+ delimiter. Hardcoding the hierarchy delimiter in this setting is
+ not advised because the server might silently change it at some
+ point. A null character should be used instead. For instance, if
+ *list-mailbox* is set `"foo\x00bar"` then, assuming the hierarchy
+ delimiter is ‘/’, only the mailbox named `foo/bar` is considered for
+ synchronization.
This option is only available in the default section.
(The default pattern, `*`, matches all visible mailboxes on the
diff --git a/interimap b/interimap
index 7054f88..ab96c9c 100755
--- a/interimap
+++ b/interimap
@@ -280,7 +280,7 @@ sub list_mailboxes($) {
# INBOX exists in a namespace of its own, so it may have a different separator.
# All other mailboxes MUST have the same separator though, per 3501 sec. 7.2.2
- # and https://www.imapwiki.org/ClientImplementation/MailboxList#Hierarchy_separators
+ # and https://imapwiki.org/ClientImplementation/MailboxList#Hierarchy_separators
# (We assume all list-mailbox arguments given live in the same namespace. Otherwise
# the user needs to start multiple interimap instances.)
delete $delims->{INBOX};