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@@ -181,8 +181,7 @@ on your screen.
=item B<--ps>
By default, B<PDFTool> outputs a PDF document; use this flag if
-you want a PostScript instead e.g., to pipe the output into C<lpr> (not
-possible with a PDF since reading requires random access to the data).
+you want a PostScript instead.
Note that due to a L<known limitation|> of C<gs> with
the C<pswrite> device, the PostScript output might not be suitable for uses other than printing.
@@ -217,7 +216,7 @@ The following comand can be used to remotely crop a PDF file, convert it
to A4 paper, and rearrange the pages to locally print a (PostScript)
booklet with custom margins:
-C<< ssh remote -cpA4 --book -2 -b2cm -m-1cm --ps --auto-rotate < in.pdf |
+C<< ssh remote -cpA4 --book -2 -b2cm -m-1cm --auto-rotate < in.pdf |
lpr -o Duplex=DumplexTumble >>
@@ -533,6 +532,7 @@ sub pdftops {
# Convert to PS
# TODO: use gs & pswrite the day it'll handle fonts properly
+ # (the flag `-origpagesizes' seems not to be portable)
my @cmd = ('pdftops', '-origpagesizes', $infile, '-');
push @cmd, '-f', $first if defined $first;
push @cmd, '-l', $last if defined $last;