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* rand -> pidGuilhem Moulin2010-09-262
* Typos; didn't manage to avoid the creation of auxiliary files :(Guilhem Moulin2010-09-262
* DocumentationGuilhem Moulin2010-09-261
* Better manualGuilhem Moulin2010-09-261
* Ugly trick, to avoid to seek into the inputGuilhem Moulin2010-09-261
* Better printing of the number of pagesGuilhem Moulin2010-09-251
* (Useless) command printerGuilhem Moulin2010-09-251
* (Useless) command printerGuilhem Moulin2010-09-251
* documentationGuilhem Moulin2010-09-251
* A new psresize!Guilhem Moulin2010-09-251
* Regular files as inputGuilhem Moulin2010-09-241
* Still cleaningGuilhem Moulin2010-09-241
* Cleanin the codeGuilhem Moulin2010-09-231
* pipableGuilhem Moulin2010-09-231
* pscropGuilhem Moulin2010-09-231
* typoGuilhem Moulin2010-09-231
* No more seek problem :)Guilhem Moulin2010-09-231
* waitpidsGuilhem Moulin2010-09-231
* A couple of new things.Guilhem Moulin2010-09-231
* Some specificationsGuilhem Moulin2010-09-231
* Splitted version, removing ssh & bullshitsGuilhem Moulin2010-09-231
* ViewerGuilhem Moulin2010-09-221
* Need to be improved, but at least it worksGuilhem Moulin2010-09-221
* initial commitGuilhem Moulin2010-09-211