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* Add Magic Combol: Nav + LeftClick + RightClick = MiddleClick.HEADmasterGuilhem Moulin2019-06-274
* Build: Replace 'ENABLE_SERIAL=1' with 'ENABLE_SERIAL=yes'.Guilhem Moulin2019-06-272
* Keymap: map R3C0 to Key_LeftGui (aka the window key).Guilhem Moulin2019-06-271
* wibbleGuilhem Moulin2019-06-272
* Invert mouse scroll wheel.Guilhem Moulin2019-06-261
* .gitignore: Only ignore ./build if it's a directory.Guilhem Moulin2019-06-261
* Add script to apply color maps.Guilhem Moulin2019-06-265
* Optionally enable communicating with the host.Guilhem Moulin2019-06-263
* For the top row, return the num key when a modifier is active.Guilhem Moulin2019-06-264
* Add ArduinoCore-avr as a submodule.Guilhem Moulin2019-06-264
* Use 'arduino-mk' as build system.Guilhem Moulin2019-06-264
* Initial commit.Guilhem Moulin2019-06-2610