BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debianPrepare new release.Guilhem Moulin3 days
debian-busterIssue GET and POST-as-GET requests (RFC 8555 sec. 6.3)Guilhem Moulin3 days
masterNew release 0.6.Guilhem Moulin4 days
debian/0.5-1+deb10u1commit 67950f6e82...Guilhem Moulin3 days
debian/0.6-1commit 2ce169388d...Guilhem Moulin3 days
upstream/0.6commit 454b29d61d...Guilhem Moulin4 days
debian/0.5-1commit 7f4db501df...Guilhem Moulin16 months
upstream/0.5commit d3df555699...Guilhem Moulin16 months
debian/0.4-1commit 5415ea0336...Guilhem Moulin2 years
upstream/0.4commit ed76ee7723...Guilhem Moulin2 years
debian/0.3-1commit 3650b6714d...Guilhem Moulin2 years
upstream/0.3commit 82b5c4803a...Guilhem Moulin2 years
debian/0.2-1commit a2949b88e3...Guilhem Moulin3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
4 daysNew release 0.6.HEADupstream/0.6masterGuilhem Moulin1
4 dayslacme: new option 'account --deactivate'Guilhem Moulin3
4 daysIssue GET and POST-as-GET requests (RFC 8555 sec. 6.3)Guilhem Moulin2
4 daysLink to RFC 8555 instead of the ACME I-D URL.Guilhem Moulin4
4 daysCall iptables binaries from /usr/sbin not /sbin.Guilhem Moulin2
2019-01-21[git] ignore vims' swapfilesBenjamin Tietz1
2019-01-21lacme, client: new dependency Date::Parse.Guilhem Moulin3
2019-01-21client: poll order URL instead of each authz URL successively.Guilhem Moulin3
2018-05-09New dependency: perl module Types::Serialiserupstream/0.5Guilhem Moulin1
2018-04-27Use ACME v2 endpointsGuilhem Moulin6