BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian/busterUse upstream certificate chain instead of an hardcoded one.Guilhem Moulin18 months
debian/latestPrepare new release.Guilhem Moulin13 months
debian/wheezyMake lacme run with 5.14.2 from Debian Wheezy.Guilhem Moulin5 years
masterlacme: pass a temporary JSON file with the client configuration to the intern...Guilhem Moulin15 months
debian/0.8.0-2commit 6c1325a2b2...Guilhem Moulin13 months
debian/0.8.0-1commit ae52bdc9a5...Guilhem Moulin15 months
v0.8.0commit 3eba02ef82...Guilhem Moulin15 months
debian/0.5-1+deb10u2commit f2514b36b8...Guilhem Moulin18 months
debian/0.7-1commit 4e0a55fb38...Guilhem Moulin18 months
upstream/0.7commit 51369e3955...Guilhem Moulin18 months
debian/0.6.1-1commit 0d1274eafa...Guilhem Moulin22 months
upstream/0.6.1commit 49c14fb9fa...Guilhem Moulin22 months
debian/0.6-3commit cfb8e89b59...Guilhem Moulin2 years
debian/0.6-2commit dbaa1af806...Guilhem Moulin3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2020-08-04New release 0.6.1upstream/0.6.1Guilhem Moulin1
2020-08-04Upgrade links to secure HTTP.Guilhem Moulin7
2020-08-04Ignore [accountd] section from lacme.conf when the --socket option is defined.Guilhem Moulin4
2020-08-04Makefile: Use variables for target directories etc.Guilhem Moulin11
2020-08-04Adapt Apache2 snippet to Apache2 2.4.Guilhem Moulin2
2020-08-03Change default libexec dir from /usr/lib/lacme to /usr/libexec/lacme.Guilhem Moulin5
2020-08-03Install lacme manpage to section 8.Guilhem Moulin6
2020-08-03Makefile: Major refactoring, add install and uninstall targets.Guilhem Moulin5
2020-08-03factor out jq-script from MakefileBenjamin Tietz2
2019-08-22Use /run for the listening socket of the webserver component.Guilhem Moulin6